What is the 2015 Heartland in Motion Transportation Study all about?

The study will ask the same questions as last year, but will utilize a smartphone application that the respondent will use to capture daily travel and answer questions about those trips.


How will the study results be used?

This study will help the Madison County Council of Governments and the Federal Highway Administration plan and prioritize transportation improvements, and assess the suitability of this method for future transportation studies across the nation.


How does my input help improve travel on the roads in my community?

Planning agencies need data about local travel characteristics to understand and plan for current and future transportation needs. That is why transportation planners conduct a travel study like this one every 10-15 years and why we are asking for your help today. The 2015 study has the potential to reduce the amount of time you spend answering questions, and increasing the accuracy of reported travel to the MPO.


What is the Heartland in Motion study region?

The study region includes all of Madison County, as well as large portions of Delaware and Hancock counties. This includes the towns of Daleville and Fortville. If you received an invitation to participate, you live in the study area.


How was I selected to participate?

Invited households (like yours) were selected based on those who took the 2014 Heartland in Motion Transportation Study AND indicated that they wanted to participate in future MCCOG studies.


Why should I participate?

Your responses will have a significant impact in improving transportation studies not just in our region, but across the nation. Your participation will help shape the future of transportation planning in the U.S.


I don’t travel very much – should I still participate?

Yes. Whether you make a lot of trips or don’t go anywhere at all, we want you to participate!


How is my personal privacy protected?

All of your answers are strictly confidential. Your responses are grouped with the responses from all other participating households and will not be analyzed individually. A copy of this study’s privacy policy is available on the study website.


What will I get for participating?

As thanks, each individual from your household who participates in the study will receive your choice of either a $20 gift card or $20 Walmart gift card within 10 business days after every person completes the survey.




The smartphone application is in the final stages of development, and technical resources and FAQ's will be posted here once it is ready for you to start using!